Posted on June 21st, 2017


If you’re pressed for time, and want to invert, pop this in! Short and sweet, this potent sequence is streamlined to quickly prepare you for a stable, supported headstand practice. Designed with shoulder openers and asanas targeting supportive back muscles and deep core strength, this sequence effectively and efficiently will take you upside down in no time! For those whose headstand practice is steady, enjoy the extra powerful cleansing with the revolved split-legged twist variation!

Focus: Core & Shoulders
Apex: Revolved Split-Legged Headstand (Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana)
Props: 1 strap
Level 2     13 min



Fruit Salad = Better Sleep!

Posted on May 5th, 2017


Do you know that you can increase your sleep by eating pineapples? Wow, I’m in luck because I love pineapples. I’ve been having them in my juices everyday this Spring because they are also really good for your digestive system and cleansing. Well, it turns out that this juicy, yummy fruit also helps you sleep because it has melatonin in it. You’ve heard about melatonin. If you are struggling with sleep issues, you may have even purchased synthetic melatonin as a sleep supplement. But your body produces melatonin naturally. It is our sleep hormone which gets activated by darkness. What you maybe don’t know is that you can increase the melatonin in your body naturally by eating certain foods, pineapple being one of them! Sounds better than taking a pill to me. Some other melatonin rich fruit sources are bananas and cherries!

Fruit salad = better sleep!

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Posted on April 23rd, 2017


It’s Spring! It’s time to cleanse the Winter muck and the accumulation toxins out of your system. This sequence cleanses your organs, deeply opens your hips and invites a state of balance and vibrancy into your body and mind. According to Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time to detox the liver and gallbladder organs. The Spring Cleanse Flow is a powerful advanced asana sequence that releases congestion in the liver and gall bladder meridians to powerfully cleanse the organs and bring clarity and vitality to your being.
As the gorgeous green sprouts push their way up out of the ground in Spring, this young yang energy catapults us out of our hibernation too. Hold on because it can be a bumpy ride!!  Are your hips, shoulders, and neck tight? Do you have headaches, or have skin issues? Do you feel irritable, stressed out or restless? If yes, you might be experiencing stagnation in your liver and gall bladder organs and tightness in their associated energy channels and this practice is perfect for you!

Focus: twists, hips, lotus, detox, core, balance
Apex: Rooster pose (Kukkutasana)
Level 3     45 min