Radiant Chant

sacred song gathering

with Leigh Evans
Thursday, Dec 7


Let’s gather once a month and release the stress and strain of the week through the beautiful healing power of chanting and meditating together!

Join me and raise your vibration through the power of chanting. Awaken your voice, focus your mind, and open your heart. We will chant in the sacred language of Sanskrit, exploring mantra, Yoga Sutras, and devotional songs. There is a vibrational correspondence with each of the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet and the chakras. Each of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet is said to open one of the 50 petals of the chakras. Chanting the entire Sanskrit alphabet reverberates through all the petals of the chakras and their related areas in the body! Add music and chanting together to that and we invite deep bliss and radiance to awaken in our beings.

We’ll meet at my house in Greenpoint for a few hours on Thursday night.

Limited to 9 people

$15 per session

chanting & meditation