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Leigh’s Weekly Classes

Mon. 6:30-7:45pmAYURVEDIC SEASONAL FLOWNarayana Integrative Center
Mon. 8-9:30pmRESTORATIVE SOUND HEALINGNarayana Integrative Center
Tues. 12-1pm GENTLE FLOWLoom Yoga Center, Williamsburg
Tues. 7:45-9:00pmCANDLELIGHT FLOWSacred Sounds
Wed.6:15-7:15pm GENTLE FLOWLoom Yoga Center, Williamsburg
Thurs. 12:00-1:00pmALL FLOWLoom Yoga Center, Bushwick
Fri. 7:30-8:30amSUNRISE EXPRESSSacred Sounds
Fri. 10-11:15amBASICS FLOWSacred Sounds

Sacred Sounds
163 Bleeker, 2nd floor, Manhattan, NY

Loom Yoga Center
Bushwick –
1087 Flushing Ave shop #117, Brooklyn, NY
Williamsburg – 783 Driggs @ S4

Narayana Integrative Center
Yoga and Ayurveda studio
191 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Ayurvedic Seasonal Flow
Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga, this class will nourish your body with yoga sequences that harmonize your inner rhythms with the energetic movements of each season. Flow with the seasonal fluctuations through yoga practices infused with self-care practices and bring your being into balance. Enhance your interconnectedness with the environment and embrace your journey deeply into the Self. Class includes asana, mudra, chanting, and meditation. Open level

Restorative Sound Healing
Restore and revitalize your being by immersing yourself in the internal practices of yoga. Enjoy delicious restorative yoga poses to relax and rejuvenate your body mind. Nourish and harmonize your subtle body through the healing power of sound and chanting.  Cultivate inner listening and insight through the practice of meditation. Set your intentions for the week.

Open level