Singing Bowl Benefit

performance benefit & auction!

with Leigh Evans, Angela Saavas, Juliet Strong, Paul Weinfield - Tam Lin & more!
Fri. Sept 22


In my 30 years of deep explorations as a yogini, dancer, and singer, I have experienced that the delicate intricacies of the subtle body unravel most profoundly through the vibrations of sound. I love exploring the healing power of sound. I have worked alot with my voice through singing, chanting, and vocal explorations to help me unravel stuck areas in my being that I am not able to reach through asana or other means. The healing power of the vibrations of sound is very profound.

Tibetan singing bowls are one of the most exquisite and extraordinarily powerful sound healing tools. I have been wanting to get a set of singing bowls for a long time. I would like to offer their healing vibrations to my students in my restorative sound healing classes & workshops and private sound healing sessions. But they are expensive….

I thought about doing a kickstarter fund, but it just didn’t seem right because it feels very impersonal. I want to do something that involves the community because they really are for your healing….So I decided to create this Benefit to raise $1,500 to purchase a set of Tibetan singing bowls. It is going to be a really fun night! I am extremely grateful for my loving community who is gathering together and offering their creativity and healing modalities to help me purchase the singing bowls. There will be amazing performances and an auction of incredible items, and we’ll chant & do some tuning fork sound healing magic! It’s going to be a beautiful event!


Fri. Sept 22, 8-10:30pm


Paul Weinfield – Tam LIn
Angela Savvas- Savvas
Juliet Strong

Sound healing session with Leigh Evans
Private yoga session with Mika Oakes
Dinner for 2 with wine pairings at Roman’s
Organic skin care healing package by Witchey Handmade
Reiki session with Cole Hooley
Tarot reading & painting “Two of Cups” by Chitra Revathy
Holistic health coaching session with Morena Escardó
Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment at Narayana Integrative Center
Feng Shui 5 element consultation with Megan Burke
Private yoga session with Neely Schwab
4 tickets to the Guggenheim
Hat by state of arc – ARC believes in the necessity to connect consciousness to the production of fashion.
bag by Drozdik

I would love for you to come and join us on Sept 22 for this beautiful event. If you are not able to come that evening and want to contribute to the singing bowls, you can offer your contribution here, or if you want to make a bid on any of the items for auction, send me an e-mail with your bid!






191 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint, BK