Silent Auction

with Leigh Evans
until Thurs. Sept 28
@ midnight


THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Singing Bowl Benefit on Fri. What an insanely fun night!! The performances were incredible and the auction lively & hilarious! We raised about 2/3 of the cost of the bowls! It was an extraordinary night of love and offering. I am deeply grateful to all of my dear friends who offered their artistry, creativity, healing sessions, and beautiful products for the singing bowls. Thank you everyone for participating in the auction with your generous financial contributions in support of the purchase of these sacred healing bowls. I am extremely grateful for all of your generosity and love. These singing bowls come with your love. a deep bow to you all.

We still have $500 more to raise and there are more items for auction! Send me your bid for any of the items below. (minimum bid is $50) Each item is worth at least $100. The last day for bidding in Thurs. Sept 28 @ midnight.

SINGING BOWL SILENT AUCTION- until Thurs. Sept 28 @ midnight

Reiki session with Cole Hooley
Holistic health coaching session with Morena Escardó
Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment at Narayana Integrative Center
Private yoga session with Neely Schwab
4 tickets to the Guggenheim
Dietary consultation with Annie Kunjappy
Light & sound frequency healing with Annie Kunjappy

E-mail me with your bid. (minimum bid is $50)

You can offer a contribution here.


In my 30 years of deep explorations as a yogini, dancer, and singer, I have experienced that the delicate intricacies of the subtle body unravel most profoundly through the vibrations of sound. I love exploring the healing power of sound. I have worked alot with my voice through singing, chanting, and vocal explorations to help me unravel stuck areas in my being that I am not able to reach through asana or other means. The healing power of the vibrations of sound is very profound.

Tibetan singing bowls are one of the most exquisite and extraordinarily powerful sound healing tools. I have been wanting to get a set of singing bowls for a long time. I would like to offer their healing vibrations to my students in my restorative sound healing classes & workshops and private sound healing sessions.