Women's Ayurveda -

Bahareh Hosseini of Wise Earth Women's Ayurveda

April 9-10


goddess pouring water laosWise Earth Ayurveda
with Bahareh Hosseini

April 9-10
Sat & Sun 11-7pm

Sat only – $165
Full workshop Sat & Sun – $325

In this course, you will learn to reclaim your Shakti energy, the source of a woman’s fertility, abundance and maternal life force. Wise Earth’s lunar-rhythm based practices support women’s wellness, happiness and prosperity. Includes mudras, mantras and healing therapies.

Maya Tiwari- a courageous woman of native wisdom – world-renowned Vedic master and spiritual pioneer – offers a revolutionary solution to restoring wellness, wholeness and harmony in our world through Womb Shakti-Medicine. The principle of Shakti, primordial feminine power, as set forth by the Vedic Rishis offers a revolutionary solution to restoring wellness, wholeness and harmony in our world. To heal and make whole the maternal life force, each and every woman must reclaim the feminine energy necessary to restore health, wholeness, love and joy within.  In doing so, we reclaim our cyclical rhythm with Mother Moon, as ancient women did.

Wise Earth’s lunar rhythm-based knowledge essential for nurturing and strengthening women’s Shakti powers had been long neglected in Ayurveda and became defunct in its practice. Wise Earth School has restored this essential work along with its impeccable cyclical timing and application to help women bring their menstrual cycles in consonance with the new moon. Long before modern science learned how to control a woman’s sacred reproductive function and manipulate her intrinsic rhythms, the ancient cultures recognized that a woman’s fertility, abundance and splendor were tied to the movement of the moon, and along with it the vital energy of her Shakti, our maternal life force that sustains nourishment on earth. They knew that her physical body, mind, womb and spirit grew out of the sacred essence of the Divine Feminine. In this event you will learn to reclaim your Shakti energy in accord with lunar rhythms that support women’s wellness, happiness and prosperity.  Maya teaches women of all ages, background, and culture to heal at the deepest levels of their spirit by transforming disease and despair into health and inner harmony.

Ayurveda informs that women naturally possess a delicate equipoise within the body due to the extensive force of their Shakti-prana. The primordial feminine power moves within the body and psyche of every woman through this specific prana that circulates the two lower chakras located around the perineum and sacrum. When the balance of this prana is disturbed, it results in long-term challenges relating to the maternal strength of the woman, negatively influencing all aspects of her life. The ancients protected what we have neglected to preserve – a woman’s creative primordial energy- the Shakti prana that manifests as the pro-creative energy circulating the genitals, womb and belly of a woman.  Indeed, the health of the Earth lies in honoring the female energy and its interconnection to nature’s rhythms.

Join Bahareh for this beautiful weekend workshop dedicated to the Divine Feminine and women’s healing!

Among the many Goddess/Lunar revitalizing Sadhana Practices this Course offers:

• Learn the ancient, long forgotten Ayurveda therapy of Uttara Vasti for womb cleansing replenishing and nourishing during the New Moon cycle: (Restored by Wise Earth Ayurveda, this practice had become defunct in Ayurveda medicine for more than five hundred years).

• Learn to recognize the lunar turn of the moon’s wheel and discover intimate shaktification (a term coined by Maya) of your body mind and spirit during the waxing phase of the moon when Lalita Tripurasundari-the Divine Mother grows into full splendour

• Learn several Goddess Mudras -amongst them the Shakti/Siva Mudra that brings deep harmony between you and your spouse and which we recommend you practice together

• Imbibe lunar-oriented Pranayama practices such as Brahmari Breath that invites the Goddess to live within your body-mind-heart and home.

(14 hours: Wise Earth School’s credit points toward NAMA’s Accreditation)

Women’s Ayurveda is a required course for the Yoga Sukhavati 300 HR Advanced Teacher Training Program. It counts as 14 hours towards your Yoga Alliance Certification.






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